NEW MAY 2013 themes coming soon
iOs 6.x compatible

be patient
they are going to be available in Cydia
or manual install (with instructions) from here

themes from here are much complete than Cydia ones

iMetal -NEW-

I'm working on this one....

it's not finished yet, but is going to be.....

If you are interested in this new iMetal theme, let me know, because , IS NOT going to be available on Cydia ( or not for free)

07-12-2009 Some changes, like blue light in lock screen calculator in both ways, and more added.

If you like this theme you can request it HERE (not available yet)

iGlass -original by 666-

Do not accept copies...
this is the original one...

You can Download a low definition one from Cydia
or you can request a full complete Hi-definition one, with custom sounds

Never released themes

Themes I never release... why?
because i didn't go to far ... never finished, or didn't like the end idea....

Big Red








Guitar Hero Battery

Unique battery emulating Guitar Hero meter

it has 17 different steps, very acurated

Download By Request Only